ProTron - Project for After Effects (Videohive)
After Effects Version CS3 - CC | 1280x720 | mp3, jpg | 23 mb

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Notebook Career Whiteboard - Project for After Effects
After Effects Version CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC | 1920x1080 | png | 33 mb

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One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 [PC/NO STEAM]

 This is pc version.No need to use emulator.No Need Steam.Just download and enjoy



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No need emulator.Can play offline.

Game Name :
Diablo 3 : The Killing of sickle
Name : Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls
Genre: Action role-playing (A · RPG) game
Game production : Blizzard
Game Publisher : Activision Blizzard
Platform: PC
Release date : March 25, 2014
Official Website :


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Whatsapp+ Plus 6.06 Cracked modded (v6.06C 6.06D v6.06D 6.06C 6.06D download no root Mod Hide turn off last seen apk patched)

Features of Whatsapp+:

* Apply and make themes of your need nd like
* Immersive mod for KITKATians
* change icon color
* Upload PHOTOS and VIDEOS with no compression
* Maximum upload size to 50 MB
* Change notification bar
* And much more try urself and tell me


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When the director of a laboratory receives warning that the Phantom Thief Dorapin plans to rob his new lab, he calls to the Doraemons for aid and the entire clan rushes to help. When they arrive however, they discover that the thief's challenge is actually a ruse and the real targets are the Doraemons themselves! After nullifying their gadgets, Dorapin threatens to steal their friendship, and when the group reveals their friendship telecards in a display of solidarity he transforms them into gold statues. Luckily, in the commotion two of the gang, Dorammed and Dorarinho, accidentally pulled out the wrong card and escaped. Now the pair must evade the tricky thief and find a way to restore their friends before they all become part of a much bigger and more dangerous plan.

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Plot Summary: 
Dorami is close to graduating from Robot School when in an instant almost every single student is captured by a mysterious entity. Even Doraemon and the principal are caught, leaving Dorami to ask for help of her brother's best friends, the Doraemons.
Size : 500mb | Dropbox Link | Japanese Audio with English Subtitle


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Neat Video 3.1 Pro for After Effects CS6/CS5.5

Neat Video 3.1 Pro for After Effects CS6/CS5.5

Year : 2012
Version : 3.1
Developer : ABSoft
Developer website :
Platform : Intel only
Language : English

System requirements :
Mac OSX 06/10 + Intel Core/Core2 single or multi-processor 1 GB RAM or higher True Color display with 1024x768 Resolution or higher

Description :
This plugin provides advanced technology for removing noise from the video and images. Best performance for today ratio in its class. Plugin allows you to: - build profiles for this particular device to maximize tread noise, and do not touch the useful information - adjust the levels of the reaction (if the profile was built for some reason failed) and the suppression of various " frequencies. " - set different levels of noise in the Y, Cr, Cb channels (or RGB, your choice) - apply Unsharp mask of varying intensity for different "frequency" (see above), using the noise profile, ie Sharpay only real details, the noise is not touched. - has support CUDA.

1) Mount it or extract it first and install "NeatVideoAE.Intel.pkg"
2) Change the "NeatVideo.plugin" in the folder "Application / Neat Video for After Effects"
3) Ready to Use. :D

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Angry Birds Star Wars v1.0.1 (Ad-Free & Free Shopping)
Requirements: 2.2 and up|Size : 40mb | Overview: May the birds be with you!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... a group of desperate rebel birds faced off against a galactic menace: the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers!
Rebel birds, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Imperial Pigs. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the PIG STAR, and are racing to deliver the plans to the Rebel Birds. Now they need your help!
Join an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars™ universe! Use the Force, wield your lightsaber, and blast away Pigtroopers on an intergalactic journey from the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Pig Star -- where you’ll face off against the terrifying Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs! Can you become a Jedi Master and restore freedom to the galaxy?
Time to grab your lightsaber and join the adventure! May the birds be with you!
HOURS AND HOURS OF ENGAGING GAMEPLAY - Explore more than 80 levels in iconic locations like Tatooine and the Pig Star. Can you dodge Imperial pigs, laser turrets, Tusken Raider pigs, and the dark side of the Force to get all three stars?
NEW GAMEPLAY MECHANICS - Use lightsabers, Blasters and Jedi powers to wreak havoc on the Imperial Pigs!
LEVEL UP YOUR BIRDS - Keep playing and level up your birds to improve their skills!
SECRETS AND HIDDEN GOODIES - Can you unlock all the R2-D2 and C-3PO bonus levels?
FREE UPDATES - This is only the beginning of the epic saga!
Stuck on a tricky level? Earn stars and call the Mighty Falcon to rain down the destruction. New goals, achievements and gameplay!
The ultimate training ground for a Young Jedi, this in-app purchase unlocks 40 Dagobah Challenge Levels with Jedi Master Yoda! Master the Path of the Jedi to unlock the ultimate lightsaber!
This game has no advertisements 

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Angry Birds Star Wars PC Game Cracked

Angry Birds Star Wars 
 OS : XP,VISTA,7 | 60MB | Overview: May the birds be with you!

long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... a group of desperate rebel birds faced off against a galactic menace: the Empires evil Pigtroopers

Rebel birds, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Imperial Pigs. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empires ultimate weapon, the PIG STAR, and are racing to deliver the plans to the Rebel Birds. Now they need your help

Run AngryBirdsStarWars.exe and install the game
Copy inside "Patch" folder files in the game directory
Run from there "angry.birds.all-patch.offline.v1.3.exe", Hit - Patch, choose "AngryBirdsStarWars.exe"
Open key.txt. Copy the key.
Run the game
Choose "Activate full version". Paste the key Ctrl+V .
Activate the game. 

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Sunbelt VIPRE Antivirus Premium 4.0.3904

Installation notes to get your VIPRE Lifetime License:
Unzip The Zip File Basically 
1. Install VIPRE Antivirus Premium 4.0.3904 
2. Run the keygen (instructions are also provided by the keygen itself).
3. Run VIPRE, and click on Help and Registration.
4. Use as Activation key: 00000-00000-00000-00000-00000
5. After pressing 'Enter' a pop-up window box will ask for a registration password.
6. In the keygen enter the preferred year of expiration, using 4 digits (2025, etc 
7. Press on 'Generate Password' (the password will replace the text in the keygen). 
8. Copy and paste the generated password in the pop-up window box and press on 'OK'.
9. Now Run A Scan & Update The Virus Defination(See Below On How To Auto Update)

Info On How To Auto Update

If The Keygen Doesnt Work..This Component is Missing In The Programs..-

You'll need to install the latest (already included) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

Redistributable Package (x86) in order to use the keygen.

If Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) is not installed then

the keygen cannot be used, and there'll be an error message that mfc100u.dll

cannot be found, or other error messages may appear.

Download link for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86):

- File name: vcredist_x86

- Version: 2010

- Date Published: 4/12/2010
Total protection: VIPRE Premium includes VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware + Firewall!
 Protect your PC from 'being owned' by bad guys.

VIPRE Antivirus Premium is high-performance antivirus + antispyware software with

an integrated firewall. It doesn't slow down your PC like other antivirus products.

The press loves it, and VIPRE has been VB100 and ICSA certified, which means you

get world-class anti-malware protection.

Tired of old (free) antivirus programs that makes your PC slow down to a crawl?

Interrupting what you are doing with slow scan times, causing problems and nagging

you? Time for a change to next-generation antivirus with a firewall that IS NOT a

resource hog. Kiss your old (free) antivirus bloatware goodbye!

What's new in VIPRE Antivirus Premium 4.0.3904?


We have kept all the strong points of VIPRE antivirus + antispyware and we added a
 leading edge, super low-overhead 2-way firewall that supports all Windows flavors
 and works both on 32- and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It's so small
 you won't notice it is running. To make sure your PC is fully protected from
 malware, we also added Intrusion Prevention, malicious link filtering and much
 more. This antivirus program is all you need for your PC Internet Security.

Advantages of VIPRE Antivirus Premium 4.0.3904:


- Does not slow down your PC.
 - Scans email for malware threats.
 - Advanced anti-rootkit technologies.
 - Works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
 - Full email protection: Outlook and Windows Mail.
 - Ideal for Netbooks that need malware protection.
 - New antivirus + antispyware engine with firewall.
 - Cutting-edge Active Protection guards you 24/7 against malware threats
   including viruses, adware, spyware and rootkits.
 - High-performance threat protection with low impact on system resources.
 - Leading-edge 2-way low-resource firewall with advanced additional protection.
- VIPRE has three extra bonus tools: a history cleaner, a secure file eraser,
   and the PC Explorer for advanced users. 

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Total Video Converter HD 3.71.100812 final with keys
                                                                  15MB | Dropbox Link

Total Solution for your Media Conversion. Convert all video files to AVCHD, psp, iPod, iPhone, swf, flv, DVD, VCD, Xbox360, PS3... ! E.M. Total Video Converter (TVC ) is a piece of extremely powerful and full-featured converter software that supports almost all video and audio formats. The software is designed to convert video for your mobile video player as 3gp, mp4, PSP, PS3, iPod, iPhone etc and also VCD or DVD player, XBOX360. Interface is simple and beautiful; Reaching various functions you only need to click the buttons. Even if you are a new user, you can understand it quickly either.

Total Video Converter includes a powerful media conversion engine which can save your much valuable time and help you with high speed contrast to the congeneric production. You can set detailed information for decode, video size, frame rate, video and audio formats, bit rate, sampling rate, etc and convert the files with convenience according to you demand.

Total Video Converter is a powerful and versatile video conversion software which supports playing and converting all kinds of video and audio formats files to be played in iPod, PSP, Zune, cellphone, PMP, PDA etc. Integrated Media Burning tool burns the converted files to AUDIO CD, VIDEO DVD/SVCD/VCD.

New Total Video Converter 3.50 let you experience Unparalleled High-Definition movie. It is the best and unique software today with incomparable support for converting and burning video to AVCHD disc which can work on PS3 and Blu-ray player. Meanwhile, it supports for converting and burning video to HD formats like H.264 TS, Mpeg-2 TS, WMV-HD, MKV-HD, DivX-HD, Divx-HD, MOV-HD, FLV-HD and MP4-HD.

E.M. Total Video Converter V3.50 New Features:
1 Convert and burn video to AVCHD which can work on PS3 and Blu-ray player. What's more, the HD videos of AVCHD (*.mts, *.m2ts, *.ts) can been converted to any other video formats.
2 Convert video to HD formats like H.264 TS, Mpeg-2 TS, WMV-HD, MKV-HD, DivX-HD, Xvid-HD, MOV-HD, FLA-HD and MP4-HD
3 Convert and burn WMV-HD video to DVD. Meanwhile, it can work on XBOX360.
4 Convert and burn common video to DivX-DVD. More importantly, it can work on DVD player with DivX capability.
5 Integrate a free tool for capturing game video.

Main Features of Total Video Converter:
Convert all kinds of videos to mobile videos or audios (mp4, 3gp, xvid, divx mpeg4 avi, amr audio) which are used by cell-phone, PDA, PSP, iPod, iPhone, Xbox360, PS3 etc.;
Photos slide show combines multi-photos and musics with more than 300 photos fantasy transition effect;
High compatibility and high efficiency for Importing RMVB or RM video/audio;
Convert various videos to MPEG videos compatible with standard DVD/SVCD/VCD;
Burn the converted videos to DVD/SVCD/VCD;
Rip DVD to popular videos of all sorts;
Extract audio from various of videos and convert which to all kinds of audios (mp3, ac3, ogg, wav, aac);
RIP CD to audios of all sorts directly;
Support using with command line;
Combine several video and audio files to one video file;
Demultiplex or extract video and audio;
Multiplex video and audio to one file;

Total Video Converter supports generating the following file formats:

Video Formats:
Convert to MPEG4(.mp4)
Convert to 3gp(.3gp, 3g2)
Convert to Game Psp (.psp)
Convert to MPEG1 (.mpg, mpeg)
Convert to NTSC, PAL DVD mpeg and Burn to DVD disc
Convert to NTSC, PAL SVCD mpeg and Burn to SVCD disc
Convert to NTSC, PAL VCD mpeg and Burn to VCD disc
Convert to Ms Mpeg4 AVI (.avi)
Convert to Divx AVI (.avi)
Convert to Xvid AVI (.avi)
Convert to H264 AVI (.avi)
Convert to Mjpeg AVI (.avi)
Convert to HuffYUV AVI (.avi)
Convert to Swf Video (.swf)
Convert to Flv Video (.flv)
Convert to Gif Animation (.gif)
Convert to Mpeg4 Mov (.mov)
Convert to Apple Quicktime (.mov)
Convert to DV (.dv)
Convert to WMV (.wmv)
Convert to HD Mpeg TS (.ts)
Convert to ASF (.asf)

Audio Formats:
Convert to MPEG audio(.mp3, mp2)
Convert to Ms WAV (.wav)
Convert to Ms WMA (.wma)
Convert to OGG (.ogg)
Convert to Amr audio (.amr)
Convert to AC3 (.ac3)
Convert to SUN AU format (.au)
Convert to m4a (mp4 audio)
Convert to aac (aac audio)
Convert to mmf (mmf audio)
Convert to Flac (flac audio)


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OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD)

OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD)
Required Android O/S 2.2+ | 9mb | Dropbox Link

View, Edit, Print and Share your office documents on the go!
OfficeSuite Pro Your office documents on the go!
Made by MobiSystems, OfficeSuite Pro allows you to view, create, edit, print and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go. One can also open attachments and see PDF files on an Android based phone or tablet with our feature-rich mobile office solution.
OfficeSuite Pro includes a File Browser and integration with Sharing Service Leaders: Box, DropBox, Google Docs and SugarSync - to give users a multitude of options on how to manage files and attachments.
OfficeSuite Pro is a leading-edge office productivity application that has been chosen to be pre-loaded onto over 50 million (and counting) devices worldwide by such prestigious manufacturers like Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, FoxConn, Pandigital, Polaroid, Olivetti and a host of other major players in the Android Mobile Device market.
OfficeSuite Pro 6 New Features:
* Now offering Microsoft Office Font Compatibility Pack (sold separately) *Note - OfficeSuite Pro comes with a base pack of ready-to-use fonts. Purchasing the Microsoft Office Font Compatibility Pack is optional and it ensures that you have the licensed versions for complete font compatibility.
* Page view for Word and other text documents
* Headers and footers in Word documents
* Page numbering in text documents
* Editing in PowerPoint Slide View for fast slide changes
* Object manipulation in PowerPoint move, resize, rotate
* Filters in Excel to help you can quickly and effectively handle your data
* A rich choice of 240 unique functions for Excel alone
* Improved cell selection in spreadsheets
* Cursor adjustment for text documents
* WordArt support in text documents
* Optimized for Android 4.0

OfficeSuite Pro consists of several software modules that share the same look and feel, and allow you to view, create and modify office documents on the go:
* Intuitive Toolbars for the following:
* File browser
* Text document module
* Spreadsheet module
* Presentation module
* PDF Reader
* Email reader
File Formats Supported:
* Text format - DOC and DOCX, RTF, TXT, LOG
* Spreadsheet - XLS, XLSX and CSV
* Presentation - PPT, PPTX, PPS and PPSX
* Other formats - PDF, EML, ZIP

View Attachments and Share Documents:
* Easily open most email attachments
* Works with Outlook EML files
* Share documents via Email or Bluetooth
* Use with a primary sharing service such as Box, Dropbox, Google Docs or SugarSync for efficient file handling
OfficeSuite Pro is the only Android OS mobile office application that allows opening of password protected documents

Languages Supported:
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Swedish, Russian and Korean.

Connect with us on FACEBOOK:
Compatible with Sony Ericsson LiveDock Multimedia station.

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Need for Speed Most Wanted v1.0.28 latest

Need for Speed  Most Wanted v1.0.28
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up | APK only | 12mb | Dropbox Link

Overview: Do you dare to be the Most Wanted?

Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you are in for the ride of your life. Outrun cops, outsmart rivals and outdrive your friends in the most dangerous Need for Speed yet. Do you dare to be the Most Wanted?

Evade a relentless police force while you clash with street racers. Race and chase hot cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage for the first time on mobile.

Log into Origin to check the Wanted List and find out who is the Most Wanted across platforms and among your friends. Then, challenge your friends and prove your racing skills in nonstop competition.

- Drive and customize over 35 of the world most exciting cars
- Race the way you want! By popular demand, you can now touch or tilt to steer
- Use Mods to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style
- Experience the action with mind-blowing graphics and intense full-car damage
- Earn Speed Points to unlock new cars

Your rivals will do everything they can to stop you from getting to the top ΓÇô but in this world, there can only be one Most Wanted.

This game has no ads

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The Amazing Spider-Man v1.1.0

The Amazing Spider-Man v1.1.0
Required Android O/S 2.2+ | 9mb | Dropbox Link
               Overview: Clean out the thugs and super-villains from NYC in this Super Hero journey.

 What's in this version: 
-Installation and launch issues fixed  
                                                       -Several bugs fixed


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Required Android O/S : 2.2+ (root needed) |  8MB | Dropbox Link



From the makers of the critically acclaimed Dead Space on Android comes an all-new, original Mass Effect storyline made exclusively for mobile!

** This game is MASSIVE (over 450MB)! We recommend connecting to WiFi to speed up your download. **

As Commander Shepard battles Reapers across the galaxy, veteran Cerberus agent Randall Ezno procures aliens for illicit experiments at a secret facility. But when the Director of the facility goes too far - Randall fights back and vows to bring Cerberus down!
Can you fight your way off the hostile Cerberus base and deliver their secret research to the Alliance?

Move freely through massive exteriors and a fully realized Cerberus base. Featuring groundbreaking graphics and intensified audio, enjoy a console-like experience that marks the next leap in Android gameplay.

Featuring both manual and assisted aiming, use intuitive tap controls and for fast-paced fighting. Fluidly dive and roll for cover with a simple swipe. Engage in epic boss battles against Cerberus Mechs and twisted experiment victims.

Harness the fury of high-tech armor and weapons. Unleash biotic powers, stealth cloak abilities and devastating melee attacks. Upgrade your gear and performance with credits the quicker and more stylish your kills, the more credits youΓÇÖll earn. Also, access the bonus Turian mission and escape the medical bay...alive!

Gather valuable intel and upload it to Galaxy at War to boost your Galactic Readiness Rating in Mass Effect 3. Complete the game to increase your War Assets. Improve your chances in the final Mass Effect 3 battle on the go!

Crush Cerberus and shape the future of the galaxy. The outcome depends on YOU in Mass Effect: Infiltrator!    


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